Hernando’s Rob Kazmier steps down as coach

Hernando coach Rob Kazmier announced on Facebook that he is stepping down as football coach after two seasons.

Kazmier said he made the decision to spend more time with his family. He was a combined 12-9 with one playoff appearance during his tenure with the Leopards.


Kazmier and his girlfriend, Carrie, have a six-month-old daughter, Kennedy. That played a big role in the decision.

“I ensure you that I have thought this through carefully, and I am certain that this is the right decision for everyone involved,” Kazmier said in his Facebook post. “As we grow, mature, and reach different milestones in life, our priorities must change. My priority is to be the greatest father possible for Kennedy. 

“Both Kennedy and Carrie deserve as much of my time as possible, and they deserve the best version of me every single day. Time is our most precious resource, and as the number of football related activities continue to grow every year, it requires more and more of our time.”

Kazmier said he will continue to teach at Hernando and help the new coach in any way possible. 

No timetable has been set on finding a replacement.