One coach in Texas proposes playing football in the spring

As COVID-19 cases continue to spike, high school athletic associations throughout the nation are figuring out ways to still have sports this upcoming school year. 

In Texas, there is a radical idea. 

The Dallas Morning News reported a football coach sent a proposal to the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools that would allow the schedules for fall and spring sports to be swapped. 

The spring sports, such as baseball, softball, tennis and track, would start in August. Football and volleyball, the staples on the fall sports calendar, would be the last ones to start in February. 

If the sports that were moved up to the fall could not be played at that time then they would be pushed back to spring. 

For now, it is just a proposal. 

The Florida High School Athletic Association has no plans to alter the schedules of any sport. 

Other state associations are already formulating plans to push back the start of fall sports. The Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association is deciding on schedule options for football and girls soccer after the state’s governor extended a COVID-19 State of Emergency order until August 29. Schools are forbidden from competition or scrimmages while the order is in place.