Covid-19 hits close to home for Kevin Knox

Kevin Knox is in New York, away from the NBA bubble in Orlando where league contenders are playing out the season. 

The former Tampa Catholic standout faces an uncertain future with the Knicks, especially with a new coach and general manager. Will he still be in New York for his third season? Will he be in the G-League?  Or will he play for another team? 

Those were not the immediate concerns for Knox, at least in the past week. 

He was dealing with more pressing issues regarding coronavirus. 

Last week, Knox tweeted that he lost an aunt and his father lost a close friend to COVID-19. He pleaded with others to take the virus seriously.

This is not the first time Knox (featured photo above courtesy of Matteo Marchi/MSG Photos) has been affected by COVID-19. In April, Jacqueline Towns, mother of former Kentucky standout Karl Anthony Towns, died from complications due to COVID-19. Knox became friends with Jacqueline during the 2017-18 season playing for the Wildcats. 

 And Knox has been active in his praise for those working on the frontlines with the virus, posting a video in April that gave shoutouts to first responders in New York.