FHSAA board of directors meeting will now be live streamed

The Florida High School Athletic Director’s board meeting to decide the fate of fall sports will be live streamed, according to Clearwater Central Catholic athletic director John Gerdes.

Gerdes, a board member, said in a text message that he does not have all the details but that the meeting will be available for the public to view via live stream.

FHSAA public relations specialist Ashton Moseley also confirmed the news.

“Details of the meeting are being worked out,” Moseley said. “Once everything is set, we will announce how it can be viewed.”

The decision comes three days after the FHSAA decided not to live stream the meeting.

“Since this meeting will be in person, we are treating it as past meetings and opening it to the public until seating capacity is reached,” Moseley said on Aug. 7. “There will not be a livestream.”

FHSAA president Lauren Otero, who also serves as the athletic director at Plant, wanted the meeting to be available to the public, but her request was originally denied by executive director George Tomyn.

“I am happy the association reconsidered their decision by making arrangements for this important meeting to be broadcast to the public,” Otero said. “With restrictions on attendance, this gives the public the transparency it deserves to hear and understand how our decisions are formed.”

The FHSAA will likely be voting on three options for the start of fall sports that have already been reviewed by various advisory boards. 

The meeting, held Friday at 10 a.m. at the Best Western Gateway Grand in Gainesville, will still have limited seating and the maximum capacity will be strictly enforced under state, local and CDC guidelines.

Comments and questions can be submitted and those received by 8 a.m. on Friday will be shared with the board. In person questions will be taken but people must sign up on site. The email for questions is questions@fhsaa.org.