The Tampa Bay flag football coaches’ poll

The elite flag football programs are starting to get what they have long craved — competition. 

No longer are state titles reserved for just a few programs. 

Need proof? 

Just take a look at the rankings.

Three teams are undefeated. Three others have just one loss. 

Parity is starting to take hold, at least among the more established programs. 

Two weeks ago, Steinbrenner handed Alonso its first loss in two years. Newsome already has posted a school record for wins in a season. And Lennard is off to its best start. 

1. Robinson (9-0)

2. Newsome (10-0)

3. Alonso (7-1)

4. Lennard (10-1)

5. Steinbrenner (6-2)

6. Durant (5-0)

7. Lakewood Ranch (5-0)

8. Riverview (7-5)

9. Bloomingdale (4-3)

10. Palmetto (7-1)