The Pinellas County Volleyball Player of the Week

L Livvi Harting, Sr., St. Petersburg

A dig is a key element in volleyball. That makes the job of a libero so important. 

They resist an opposing team’s attack and set a counter attack. Digs take skill. To pull one off, the ball has to be delivered at the right place on the court. 

Livvi Harting excels at them. The Virginia Commonwealth commit has been producing digs consistently throughout her high school career, averaging more than 300 in each of the last three seasons. 

That put her on the brink of a major milestone. 

In the Pinellas County Athletic Conference title match, Harting recorded 26 digs to surpass 1,000 in her career. 

Fans took notice. Harting received 39 percent of the votes in the Pinellas County volleyball player of the week poll to beat out East Lake’s Maddie Avergonzado, who had 36 percent (1,170).