Star search: Lakewood’s Cory Moore helps Rams prep for NFL Draft

In four days, Cory Moore officially starts the evaluation process of his Lakewood High football team. 

The longtime Spartans coach will survey drills, chart progress and conduct tests once spring practices start in order to put the right pieces in place for the upcoming season. 

Tonight, though, Moore’s focus will be on the NFL Draft. 

For months, Moore went through similar evaluations with prospects while moonlighting as an assistant scout with the Los Angeles Rams. 

His primary focus is on the southeast, particularly players in Florida. The job meant traveling to pro days at South Florida, Florida and Florida State, among other schools. 

“It’s a lot of work, a lot of juggling, especially at this time of year,” Moore said. “Still, it’s something I love.”

This is not the first NFL role for Moore. His resume includes internships with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2009) and Jacksonville Jaguars (2012) as part of the Bill Walsh NFL Minority Coaching Fellowship.

In 2020, Moore took on another job as one of 10 minority and female participants in the Rams’ inaugural scouting apprenticeship program. 

The program provides virtual training, mentoring and networking opportunities in the offseason, including the NFL Draft. 

Moore, along with the other apprentices, work with Rams advisors and football operations throughout the year to sharpen scouting skills and even become participants in the team’s scouting process.

“I’ve already gone through the coaching aspect with the internships,” Moore said. “The scouting part was something I couldn’t pass up. That’s what I love to do the most.”

As part of the organization the past three years, Moore saw the Rams make steady progress – in the draft and on the field. In fact, Moore has a ring thanks to the team’s Super Bowl run in 2021. 

That success is due in large part to the draft, which includes several state players in the last three years such as Cam Akers (Florida State) and Van Jefferson (Florida) in 2020 and Jacob Harris (PHU/UCF) in 2021. 

There also are some small school gems, such as South Carolina State’s Cobie Durant in the second round last year.  

This year’s draft, held in Kansas City, starts tonight and ends on Saturday. 

Moore will play close attention. 

After that, he has a day to get Lakewood ready for its quest to play in the state semifinals for the third straight year and fourth time in the past five seasons. 

“It’s a great time of year,” Moore said.