Armwood’s new playbook: Building athletes’ brands beyond the field

Armwood always has football players who possess the athletic intangibles college programs covet: speed, strength, height, weight.

But in this age of social media and branding, athletic prowess only gets you stars with recruiting services. 

To possess true star power – on and off the field – athletes need to be affable and engaging, especially with the potential earning power based on their name, image and likeness. 

Trouble is, many are unpolished with their public personas. 

The Hawks solution is to teach their athletes how to be welcoming so that their personas do not become non grata. 

Tonight, Armwood has put together a player development series for the 2025 and ‘26 classes that will cover creating your own brand, instilling goals and successful habits and stressing the importance of public speaking. 

It is not just open to football players. Members of the collegiate academy, as well as any student athlete from the school are welcome to attend. 

“In this digital age, these things can have an impact,” Armwood coach Evan Davis said. “If you’re representing a school, a team or a brand, how you talk matters.”

There will be several guest speakers. 

  • Matt Cooper, an Armwood graduate who runs Flex Sports Media, will talk about social media and branding. 
  • Matt Jones, a former standout at the school who played in the NFL, will discuss core values, goals and successful habits. real estate agent. 
  • Davis said a sports anchor from FOX 13 Tampa Bay will have a conversation about public speaking and finish with a question-and-answer session. 

“It’s something we thought about doing for a while as a program,” Davis said. I think our guys will get a lot out of it.”