Pro Wells: TCU coach never called us the n-word

Texas Christian tight end Pro Wells disputes a teammates’ accusation that Horned Frogs head coach Gary Patterson used a racial slur. 

Wells, a former Dixie Hollins standout, was among a group of players that met with Patterson to discuss the coach’s alleged use of a slur during a conversation with freshman linebacker Dylan Jordan. 

Jordan went on social media to describe an exchange with Patterson that took place during Sunday night’s practice. The spat initially stemmed from disagreements about a previous social media post and ended with Patterson accusing Jordan of saying the “(n-word) in the meeting room.”

Jordan said on social media that teammates asked him on Monday if the conversation was true. Afterward, Jordan said “they refused to go to practice.”

Wells disagrees with Jordan’s account of what happened. . 

“We didn’t skip practice,” Wells said. “We had a really, really deep conversation with Coach Patterson, and our emotions were high after the conversation, so coach gave us the option to not practice just to get things right and find ways to make this better.

“We didn’t just leave.”

Wells also said he has never heard Patterson use a racial slur with any teammate.

“The media got it all wrong,” Wells said. “All I’m going to say is he never called anyone one of us the n-word. Simple as that. They are trying to make coach into something he’s not and it’s not ok with me.”